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Buckle Stay
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Getting your child safely into their car seat can be a struggle… made even worse when the bottom buckle gets caught under their bum forcing you to either pick them back up or dig deep under to pull out the buckle.

Too many mornings doing this led me to create a simple solution to this very common problem… the Buckle Stay.

I tested all kinds of hook and loop fastener (velcro) combinations to find one that stands up against the elements (that includes leaky diapers, spilled milk, mounds of goldfish, and curious little fingers.) The Buckle Stay features VELCRO® Brand fabric fasteners. It is durable but also non-irritating to the skin and sensory-sensitive tested.

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Package contains two Buckle Stay kits


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Our Story

Most parents have 9 months to prepare for a baby; I had less than three hours!

It was the craziest and most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Shortly after completing the process to become a foster parent, I got the call about a sweet baby boy. I made a quick dash to Target to pick up the essentials and as I returned home, I was greeted by two social workers at my door holding a very tiny, sleeping baby with a very large pacifier in his mouth. He has been with me ever since and two years later, I got to officially adopt him.

He’s a pretty easy-going kid except on some days when it comes to getting him in the car seat. It can be a struggle!

It’s what led me to create the Buckle Stay to make the process go a little smoother. After having other parents ask me for one for themselves, I decided to bring it to the market.

Once you start using the Buckle Stay, it will become habit to re-attach and you'll start to wonder how you ever spent so many days without it!

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